Senior Vice-President Message


     Bangladesh Specialized Textile Mills& Power Loom Industries having a great contribution & vital role to develop the Textile sector since from the last 44 Years. Through this Association a large number of Textile Industrialist has been receiving services, suggestion & supporting. BSTMPIA is giving financial support like Tax,VAT,Duty relief & a lot of people having the job opportunity. BSTMPIA is supplying the different type of fabric,Textile,Home made garments, Bed sheet..etc to home & abroad& earning foreign currency. I wish  & grateful everybody those Whose are related with Our Association. 

       I expect any constructive &fruitful suggestion from Our valued & honorable Member.We are very grateful those whose were the passed association Member,Director,Chairman,Vice Chairman,Sr.Vice Chairman & mentionable We are very grateful to the Executive Member those Who had kept this association beginning of the first & sacrificed their valued time, think & theme about this organization. May All Mighty Allah,safe Our Members & long run Our association with performance.

Mr. Iqbal Hossain

Senior Vice-President