BSTMPIA Services

a)         BSTMPIA provides  three kind of certificates to its association  Member of Industry :-
1.Issue Certificates of Production & Processing to enjoy  GSP facilities
2. Certificates for alternative Cash Assistance
3. Certificates for availing exemption & concessionary facilities with regard to duties & taxes from Custom Authority.
b)         BSTMPIA Authority remain constantly engage with different department  of Govt. like as other related Agencies like Finance Ministry, Commerce Ministry, Textile & Jute Ministry, Lab our  & Employment Ministry, NBR, Bangladesh Bank, Department of Environment & other high Officials to settle the issues relating Primary Textile Sector (PTS) .
c)         BSTMPIA provides budgetary proposal regarding Tax, VAT & other Custom related matter to National Board of Revenue (NBR) with view to furthering the Primary Textile Sector (PTS).
d)         BSTMPIA usually meets with Foreign Dignitaries to discuss the bilateral matter of natural interest of the Textile Sector.
e)         BSTMPIA usually organize two recognize fair name as Tex-Bangla (bi-annual) & DTG (Annual). The main objectives of Tex-Bangla exposition are to create awareness among the Policy Makers of Government, buyers at home & abroad and the general public about the role and contributions made by the PTS (Primary Textile Sector) and to show the progress and development being taken place in textile arena DTG event showcase the latest fashion trends, new technology and material services for textiles in trade & help local entrepreneurs to acquaint themselves with latest technology in the Primary Textile Sector and also provide opportunity for participating International suppliers to find new business with our country.