Bangladesh Specialized Textile Mills & Power loom Industries Association is an organization consisted with thousands of Specialized Textile units and Power looms all over Bangladesh since 1974. This Association acts as the Secretariat of both the specialized Textiles and power looms coordinating with the respective Government sectors.

It initiates to expedite quality production with volume and to accelerate exports.The main functions of this Association is as under To Producing  quality fabrics in textile sector To evaluate the changing fashion and demand of the products both at home and overseas market To arrange Local & International trade fair, Seminar, Publicity in media to increase exporting to earn foreign currency’ To conduct survey, research and training to upgrade the products To encourage, inspire & supporting to the  foreign investors at textile sector in Bangladesh.

To co-ordinate with related agencies, association and with the Government body to have the selling order BSTMPIA has been providing   job a lot of  skilled, semi skilled and un skilled people and has been contributing unemployed people for  earning money  & foreign currencies for the country.